UEFA is the governing body of 55 national football associations across Europe. Our mission is to promote, protect and develop football.

League A
Group  Teams
Group 1 Germany, France, Netherlands
Group 2 Belgium, Switzerland, Iceland
Group 3 Portugal, Italy, Poland
Group 4 Spain, England, Croatia


League B
Group  Teams
Group 1 Slovakia, Ukraine, Czech Republic
Group 2 Russia, Sweden, Turkey
Group 3 Austria, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Northern Ireland
Group 4 Wales, Republic of Ireland, Denmark


League C
Group   Teams
Group 1 Scotland, Albania, Israel
Group 2 Hungary, Greece, Finland, Estonia
Group 3 Slovenia, Norway, Bulgaria, Cyprus
Group 4 Romania, Serbia, Montenegro, Lithuania


League D
Group   Teams
Group 1 Georgia, Latvia, Kazakhstan, Andorra
Group 2 Belarus, Luxembourg, Moldova, San Marino
Group 3 Azerbaijan, Faroe Islands, Malta, Kosovo
Group 4 Macedonia, Armenia, Liechtenstein, Gibraltar

*Russia initially drew in Group 1 but moved as they cannot share a group with Ukraine and Norway initially drawn in Group 2 but moved due to winter scheduling fears.

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