2022 FIFA men's ranking

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1. Brazil Currently, Brazil is standing in the first position in the FIFA ranking.


Belgium is in the 2nd position of FIFA ranking


Yes, France is in the third position and the France have the youngest  players in their squad and all the player are very skilled which make them different from other.

With the previous performance in Copa America Brazil is again in 2022 FIFA World Cup to overtake the tournament.  

4. Argentina 


England have made there place in 5th position in the FIFA ranking chart.

In 2018 Italy was failed to qualified for 2018 FIFA World Cup but they are performing excellent in the 2022 FIFA World Cup qualification

7. Spain

Spain has capture there 7 position in FIFA ranking chart and have been qualified for the 2022 FIFA World Cup.



Portugal have come back in 2022 FIFA World Cup 

Portugal have been qualified for the tournament 

With the end of Euros and Copa America, this is the time for the extremely biggest tournament of the world FIFA World Cup 2022

FIFA ranking top 40