2019 FIFA U20 World Cup Tv schedule, Date, Time & Stadium

2019 FIFA U-20 World Cup Poland

The SABC 3  will Live TV coverage of the 40% Matches for upcoming 2019 FIFA U20 World Cup in Poland. The opening ceremony of the football match was played between Tahiti and Senegal. The first match has coverage in 4 continent on Friday 7th June 2019 at Lublin Stadium, Lublin. SABC 3 Media Rights providing 40 % match rights fr the 2019 FIFA U20 World Cup Tv schedule coverage into HD Videos. Round of 16 of  U20 World cup match will be played in 2 June to 3 June.  The TV schedule of all 24 teams will drawn into six groups of from 6 confederations.

2019 FIFA U-20 World Cup (Poland) TV Schedule (UK times)

2019 FIFA U-20 World Cup

The final match live streaming, on Sunday, 15 June 2019 at 15 June 2019, will be televised Sky Sport, SuperSport, , ANTEL, Canal+ and more national channels. In this tournament total 24 teams playing U-20 Men’s World cup. The host cities for this tournament are Stadion Miejski(Bielsko-Biała), Zdzisław Krzyszkowiak Stadium(Bydgoszcz), Stadion GOSiR(Gdynia), Stadion Widzewa(Łódź), Arena Lublin(Lublin), and Stadion Miejski w Tychach(Tychy).

2019 FIFA U20 World Cup Tv schedule with Date, Time & Stadium

Group A

23 May 2019
Tahiti vs  Senegal: 0–3 Lublin Stadium, Lublin
Poland vs Colombia: 0–2 Lodz Stadium, Łódź
26 May 2019
Senegal vs Colombia: 2–0 Lublin Stadium, Lublin
Poland vs Tahiti: 5–0 Lodz Stadium, Łódź
29 May 2019
Senegal vs Poland Lodz Stadium, Łódź
Colombia vs Tahiti Lublin Stadium, Lublin

Group B

23 May 2019
Mexico v Italy: 1–2 Gdynia Stadium, Gdynia
Japan v Ecuador: 1–1 Bydgoszcz Stadium, Bydgoszcz
26 May 2019
Mexico vs Japan: 0–3 Gdynia Stadium, Gdynia
Ecuador v Italy: 0–1 Bydgoszcz Stadium, Bydgoszcz
29 May 2019
Ecuado vs Mexico Stade des Alpes, Grenoble, 15:00
Italy v Japan Stade du Hainaut, Valenciennes, 18:00

Group C

24 May 2019
Honduras vs New Zealand: 0–5 Lublin Stadium, Lublin
Uruguay vs Norway: 3–1 Lodz Stadium, Łódź
27 May 2019
Honduras vs Uruguay: 0–2 Lublin Stadium, Lublin
Norway vs New Zealand: 0–2 Lodz Stadium, Łódź
30 May 2019
Norway v Honduras Stade du Hainaut, Valenciennes, 18:00
New Zealand v Uruguay Lodz Stadium, Łódź

Group D

24 May 2019
Qatar v Nigeria: 0–4 Tychy Stadium, Tychy
Ukraine v United States: 2–1 Bielsko-Biala Stadium, Bielsko-Biała
27 May 2019
Qatar vs Ukraine: 0–1 Tychy Stadium, Tychy
United States vs Nigeria: 2–0 Bielsko-Biala Stadium, Bielsko-Biała
30 May 2019
United States v Qatar Stade des Alpes, Grenoble, 21:00
Nigeria v Ukraine Stade du Hainaut, Valenciennes, 21:00

Group E

25 May 2019
Panama v Mali: 1–1 Bydgoszcz Stadium, Bydgoszcz
France v Saudi Arabia: 2–0 Gdynia Stadium, Gdynia
28 May 2019
Panama vs France: Bydgoszcz Stadium, Bydgoszcz
Saudi Arabia v Mali: Gdynia Stadium, Gdynia
31 May 2019
Saudi Arabia vs Panama: Bydgoszcz Stadium, Bydgoszcz
Mali vs France: Gdynia Stadium, Gdynia

Group F

25 May 2019
Portugal v South Korea: 1–0 Bielsko-Biala Stadium, Bielsko-Biała
Argentina v South Africa: 5–2 Tychy Stadium, Tychy
28 May 2019
Portugal vs Argentina Bielsko-Biala Stadium, Bielsko-Biała
South Africa v South Korea Tychy Stadium, Tychy
31 May 2019
South Africa vs Portugal Bielsko-Biala Stadium, Bielsko-Biała
South Korea v Argentina Tychy Stadium, Tychy

Round of 16

2 June
Runners-up Group A v Runners-up Group C Łódź
Winners Group B v 3rd Group A / C / D Gdynia
3 June
Winners Group D v 3rd Group B / E / F Tychy
Winners Group A v 3rd Group C / D / E Łódź
Winners of Group C vs Third place of Group A/B/F Bydgoszcz
4 June
Winners of Group F v Runners-up of Group E Bielsko-Biała
Winners of Group E v Runners-up of Group D Bydgoszcz
Runners-up of Group B v Runners-up of Group F Lublin


7 June
Winners Match 37 vs Winners Match 44 Tychy
Winners Match 38 vs Winners Match 41 Łódź
Saturday 29 June
Winners Match 43 vs Winners Match 40 Gdynia
Winners Match 42 vs Winners Match 39 Bielsko-BiałaSemi-finals


11 June- Lublin 11 June- Gdynia
Winners Match 45 vs Winners Match 46 Winners Match 47 vs Winners Match 48

Third place play-off

14 June- Gdynia
Losers Match 49 vs Losers Match 50 Gdynia

The Final Match

15 June
Winners Match 49 vs Winners Match 50 Łódź

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