Bolivia Squad: 2024 Copa America

Bolivia National Team Roster 2024 Copa America

Bolivia is one of the 10 members in Copa America history as they have won the tournament once time, which makes the Bolivia squad a successful team in the 1963 South American Championship. Bolivia’s lone Copa América title came in 1963,

One of the golden periods for Bolivia won the Copa América at home in 1963 and finished runners-up at Uruguay in 1997 when they performed best in the tournaments. Bolivia National football team has appearances in the World Cup 3 times and 28 times have appearances in the Copa América history. Bolivia coach Antônio Carlos Zago will take over as head coach of Brazil’s national team for the 2024 Copa America.

This time 48th edition of the 2024 Copa America international men’s soccer championship will be postponed due to the other big tournament, which is scheduled from 14 June 2024 to the end of 14 July 2024.

Bolivia Squad: 2024 Copa America

Bolivia Squad 2024 Copa America

Bolivia Football Team

There will be a few changes for the final squad as this is Bolivia’s current squad. Bolivia’s potential squad for Copa America 2024. The team is part of the 2024 Copa America Participating Teams from CONMEBOL.

Role Players
Goalkeeper Carlos Lampe, Guillermo Viscarra, Rubén Cordano
Defenders José Sagredo, Diego Bejarano, Roberto Fernández, Luis Haquin, Jairo Quinteros, Diego Medina, Héctor Cuéllar, Pablo Vaca and Denilson Durán
Midfielders Leonel Justiniano, Rodrigo Ramallo, Danny Bejarano, Ramiro Vaca, Moisés Villarroel, Jaime Arrascaita, Gabriel Villamíl, Jeyson Chura, Miguel Terceros and Julio Herrera
Forwards Marcelo Martins Moreno (captain), Carmelo Algarañaz, Bruno Miranda, Jaume Cuéllar, Jair Reinoso
Captain Marcelo Martins Moreno
Coach Antônio Carlos Zago

Where is Bolivia in the Copa America 2024 draw pots?

Pot 4: Brazil, Colombia, Paraguay, Costa Rica/Honduras

Bolivia 2021 Copa America Squad

Bolivia Football Team –

On 10 June 2021, Bolivia announced their final squad for the 2021 COPA America and they are ready with their boys to take this trophy home.

Role Players
Goalkeeper Carlos Lampe (Always Ready), Ruben Cordano (Bolivar), Javier Rojas (Bolivar).
Defenders Jairo Quinteros (Bolivar), Luis Haquín (Melipilla), Adrian Jusino (Larissa), Diego Bejarano (Bolivar), Roberto Fernandez (Bolivar), Jorge Flores (Always Ready), Luis Barbosa (Aurora), Jose Sagredo (The Strongest), Oscar Ribera (Blooming).
Midfielders Leonel Justiniano (Bolivar), Juan Carlos Arce (Always Ready), Henry Vaca (Oriente Petrolero), Diego Wayar (The Strongest), Moises Villarroel (Jorge Wilstermann), Boris Cespedes (Servette), Erwin Saavadera (Bolivar), Ramiro Vaca (The Strongest), Erwin Sanchez (Blooming), Danny Bejarano (Pas Lamia).
Forwards Marcelo Moreno (Cruzeiro), Rodrigo Ramallo (Always Ready), Gilbert Alvarez (Jorge Wilstermann), Jaume Cuellar (S.P.A.L), Jeyson Chura (The Strongest).
Captain Marcelo Moreno
Coach César Farías

Broadcasting rights

Territory Broadcaster(s)
Bolivia Tigo Sports
United States Fox Sports (English)
TUDN/Univision (Spanish)

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