Belgium Lead FIFA Men’s Ranking, France Finished Closed 2nd

Belgium Lead FIFA Men's Ranking

Belgium leads the top position of the Men’s FIFA rankings, one point ahead of the 2018 FIFA World Cup champions France while Spain came ninth. France is the number 2 position with the minor difference.

The top-5 of the final FIFA latest rankings of the calendar was led by Belgium, France, Brazil, Croatia, and Harry Keane team England. The current champion France one point ahead to Belgium.

The 2018 World Champion team has gained the most points (1726 points), ahead of Brazil (1676 points) and Final runner up the team(1634points).

List of the Top 10 Men’s Ranking

Belgium Lead FIFA Men's Ranking, France Finished Closed 2nd

1. Belgium (1727 pts)
2. France (1726 pts)
3. Brazil (1676 pts)
4. Croatia (1634 pts)
5. England (1631 pts)
6. Portugal (1614 pts)
7. Uruguay (1609 pts)
8. Switzerland (1599 pts)
9. Spain (1591 pts)
10. Denmark (1589 pts).

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