FIFA 18 World Cup Video Game : ‪PlayStation 4‬, ‪Xbox One‬‬, PS4

FIFA 18 World Cup Video Game ‪PlayStation 4‬, ‪Xbox One‬‬, PS4

FIFA World Cup Video game series is set to get an update featuring the world’s biggest football tournament. One of the biggest and world’s best tournament will be playing in Russia. It will come out around Summer June- July 2018.”  The FIFA World cup mode comes in the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One and 360, Nintendo Switch or PC.

Previously, EA sports has launched 4 FIFA 18 video games edition- Legacy, Standard, Ronaldo(Deluxe) and Icon Edition.

FIFA 18 World Cup Video Game: ‪PlayStation 4‬, ‪Xbox One‬‬, PS4

World Cup FIFA 18 NEW Edition

FIFA World cup edition includes all world cup qualifier 32 teams with Ronaldo face cover image. It game Powered by Frostbite and design by EA Sport.

EA Sports FIFA 18 blurs the line between the virtual and real worlds. FIFA 18 world cup edition comes with bringing to life the heroes,  FIFA World Cup 2018 teams and atmospheres of football world.

The game work for X Box, PlayStation and PS4. EA Sports has included on the FIFA World Cup 2018, FIFA Ultimate Team,  Champions League final, major club winner of the 2017-18 season and all the major leagues.

FIFA 18 Top Players
FIFA 18 Top Players

The size of FIFA 18 world cup game around the 47GB size. They added all the official branding and television match packages. During the football match, EA Sports include Man of the Match cards, best performer and the Ultimate Team player.

It includes high-end graphics, audio quality, and performance of the game. All top Football players in this game with great graphics and continuation of the story mode. All-new, game-changing animation system, Player Personality and Dynamic Quick Substitutes include in this game.

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  1. Hey guys, there is nothing to this story. Who said the game is coming out “June and July 2018?”… then the rest of the article is just a fifa 18 advert.

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