FIFA World Cup 2018 Russia: 1,318,109 tickets requested || 2nd phase

FIFA World Cup 2018 Russia
Ticket sales for the FIFA World Cup 2018 Russia on 5 December exclusively on shows excitement sparked by the Final Draw brought another wave of worldwide interest for the game. FIFA World Cup 2018 Russia ticket 

FIFA World Cup 2018 Russia more than 1,318,109 tickets requested

Within the first 24 hours, Fans from all corners of the globe requested 1,318,109 tickets as the random-selection draw runs from December 3 to January 31, 2018.
Fans are able to apply for individual match tickets for all matches except for the opening match and the final, venue-specific tickets, and supporter tickets.
Fans have already requested 742,760 tickets in the first Phase of sale for the World Cup 2018 on November 28.
 If tickets requested exceeds the available inventory, the allocation will be based on a random-selection draw procedure. The most requests were submitted by Russians, although demand from other international fans Includes 34 percent of all applications.
Argentina, Peru, Mexico, USA, Colombia, Brazil, Morocco, Egypt, China and Poland all currently rank in top ten requester.

2018 FIFA World Cup Tickets

Fans can submit their ticket applications at any time until midday (according to Moscow time) on 31 January 2018 and will gain no preference based given in respect of the date of submission, in other words, it is not like that earlier submissions will not be preferred or have better chances of success than later submissions.

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