FIFA World Cup 2026 Stadiums, venues, Host cities

Morocco is getting up for a football championship competition with the US, Canada and Mexico to held the FIFA World cup 2026. Morocco will be the redesign infrastructure and design new stadiums.

2026 FIFA world cup match will be playing on 14 stadiums and 10 different cities. Most of the stadium’s making new and will be ready 2022 to 2026.

FIFA World Cup 2026 Stadiums, venues, Host cities

FIFA World Cup Morocco Join Bits with 3 Countries the United States, Canada and Mexico.

Morocco has been hosted 4 times FIFA world cup in 1994, 1998, 2006 and 2010. All world cup tournament had vied unsuccessfully. This time Morocco comes with the joint bit with 3 countries.

2026 world cup will be playing 14 venues and 10 cities. A total of 48 countries instead of 32 would play in the tournament. Morocco with join bits with the United States, Canada and Mexixo.

Casablanca is the largest stadium according to seating capacity. According to FIFA association, they will be collecting the data related to proposed stadiums to host world cup matches. All technical data helpful for better services and pitches process.

2026 FIFA World Cup will be the 23rd FIFA World Cup, the 48 places will be allocated, with 16 Europeans teams set to qualify.

  • Expand to 40 teams (8 groups of 5 teams) – 88 matches
  • Expand to 40 teams (10 groups of 4 teams) – 76 matches
  • Expand to 48 teams (opening 32-team playoff round) – 80 matches
  • Expand to 48 teams (16 groups of 3 teams) – 80 matches

2026 FIFA World Cup

Stadiums requirements

  • Opening match- 80,000
  • Remaining group stage matches- 40,000
  • Round of 32- 40,000
  • Round of 16- 40,000
  • Quarterfinals- 40,000
  • Semifinals- 60,000
  • Third place play-off- 40,000
  • Final- 80,000

More than 58 African, Arab and European countries had so far backed the Moroccan bid, with the number of supporters expected to rise.

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