First Russia 2018 FIFA World Cup FAN IDs delivered

First Russia 2018 FIFA World Cup FAN IDs delivered

FIFA World Cup 2018, Russia is still 183 days ahead of its commencement but preparations from Ruusian’s point of view are on full swing.  FIFA World Cup Fan IDs is a identification of Fans.
FAN ID registration for the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia is now open. The registration form and reference information are available on the fifa official fan id website.

The national postal service of Russia ‘Pochta Rossi’ has begun delivering the first 2018 FIFA World Cup FAN IDs.

First Russia 2018 FIFA World Cup FAN IDs delivered(What is a Fan Id, How to get)

What is a Fan ID?

A FAN ID is a personalized spectator’s card that is a part of the system for identification of football fans.
For the first time in the history of the FIFA football tournament, fans of the FIFA Confederations Cup 2017 that was held in Russia in the summer of 2017 were provided with FAN IDs.
All the ticket buyers of the football matches of 2018 FIFA World Cup must obtain FAN IDs. A FAN ID can only be issued after FIFA validates the application for ticket.

How this FAN ID look likes?

First Russia 2018 FIFA World Cup FAN IDs delivered

A FAN ID is a personalized laminated form containing the holder’s personal data and photo. It is issued only once to each fan and is free of charge.

A FAN ID is a combination of a match ticket and a permit to free transfer on special trains connecting the host cities of the 2018 FIFA World Cup and on public transportation in the host cities on match days.

These FAN IDs will provide access to the stadiums and grant visa-free entry to Russia for international guests.

Advantages of Fan ID-

  • Ensures a comfortable and safe visit to the stadium
  • Free Entry into the Russian Federation
  • Free travel Host cities
  • Tourism Opportunities for Spectators
  • latest News and Event Information

How to get the FAN ID?

You can follow the two below mentioned ways to get the FAN IDs-

  • Apply for FAN ID in advance on

Apply for a FAN ID in any FAN ID Distribution center.

FAN ID Distribution center or city

  1. Mascow
  2. Saint petersburg
  3. Kazan
  4. Sochi

more about fan ID information click here

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