Lusail Iconic Stadium World Cup 2022: Qatar World Cup Stadium

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Lusail Iconic Stadium

The Lusail Iconic Stadium World Cup 2022 is under construction which is scheduled to open in late 2021 for 2022 Qatar FIFA World Cup will host the final for the world cup.

The location of the stadiums is about 23km north of Doha which has direct connections by the road and new metro lines. And it was owned by the Qatar Football Association.

The design of the Stadium was done by the British firm Foster + Partners, who received support from the MANICA Architecture Specialty is in designing sport and entertainment facilities, and for the construction phase, KEO Consultants has provided its value engineering and design contractor as part of its Design & Build.

Lusail Iconic Stadium World Cup 2022: World Cup Stadium

Lusail Iconic Stadium World Cup 2022

Name Lusail Iconic Stadium
Opening 2021
Average venue capacity 80,000 seats
Largest venue 86,250 seats

The concept of the Lusail Iconic Stadium, design has an almost circular base and will be surrounded by the moat and they are connected to the car park by six bridges. The stadium looks very beautiful from the outside as well as from inside

The Lusail Iconic Stadium World Cup 2022 is one of the biggest stadiums for the Qatar World Cup Stadiums which is located in the center of the north of Doha. As after following the world cup.

The stadium will have only a 20,000 seat stadium, and the rest of the place will use for other purposes like and used to build repurposed as a community space with shops, cafes, athletic school facilities, and the health clinic.

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