FIFA World Cup 2022: Qatar World Cup Stadiums

A look at the progress of the Qatar World Cup tournament with selected 12 venues and 7 host cities.

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Qatar World Cup Stadiums

The 2022 FIFA Men’s World Cup will be the 22nd edition of the FIFA World Cup tournament. Here is a list of the upcoming 2022 FIFA World Cup Stadiums to take place in Qatar from 21 Nov to 18 Dec 2022. We are sharing all FIFA World Cup 2022 Stadiums lists that will be selected for world cup 2022.

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Now for Qatar World Cup 2022, there are a few months left. Al Khater said that it’s been 10 years in making it possible and surely is going to have the biggest event ever for the Middle East.

It will bring all the religions together for the biggest single-sport event. They said our Five stadiums have been completed and the Three Stadiums construction work is still on. But all stadiums will be ready by the end of this year.

The number of stadiums is Eight and the number of cities is Five where Lusail Iconic Stadium, Al Bayt Stadium, Al Rayyan Stadium, and Al Wakrah Stadium already has selected from the final list. It will be the last to involve 32 teams.

  • Teams Participation Teams: 32
  • Playing venues or Stadium: 8
  • Overall Matches: 65
  • Number of Cities – 5

FIFA World Cup 2022: Qatar World Cup Stadiums

The tiny Gulf nation will be the first from the Arab world to host the World Cup. FIFA President Gianni Infantino visited last year Qatar capital Doha, after inspecting he said” All 8 Stadiums are under progress and it will be completed in 2021. FIFA World Cup 2018 held was Russia, it was one of the best world cups forever and we will hope it has to be even better.”

All the Qatar World Cup Stadiums will be completed two years before the schedule of the tournament start.

Lusail Iconic Stadium

Qatar FIFA World Cup Stadiums Al Thumama Stadium

The location of the stadiums is about 23km north of Doha. The Lusail Stadium is one of the most important football stadiums of the tournament because of the two biggest matches held on the ground, It will be selected for the opening ceremony and the Final match of the 2020 FIFA World Cup. But also this is going to give many facilities including island, luxury shopping,  and many more.

Name Lusail Iconic Stadium
Opening 2021
Average venue capacity 80,000 seats
Largest venue 86,250 seats

Al Khor

Al Bayt Stadium for FIFA World Cup 2022

It is a proposed FIFA world cup stadium which has been built in Al Khor. The 60,000-capacity stadium construction contract was awarded in 2015 and it will be expected to open end of 2019.

Name Al Bayt Stadium
Opening 2019
Average venue capacity 60,000 seats
Largest venue 62,000 seats

Al Rayyan

Al Rayyan Stadium for FIFA World Cup 2022

Ahmed bin Ali Stadium or Al Rayyan Stadium was built in 2003 and a spectacular host to 2022 FIFA World Cup matches. Its capacity is set at 40,000 (net), and construction‎ is under work. It is also a multi-purpose stadium in Al Rayaan. It is located few kilometers from Doha.

Name Al Rayyan Stadium
Opening 2021
Average venue capacity  40,000 seats
Largest venue 44,740 seats

Al Wakrah

Al Wakrah Stadium, Qatar

It is located in the southern city of Al Wakrah. It has built with 40,000 capacity and work has almost done. It will be started publicly before the end of 2019.

Name Al Wakrah Stadium
Opening 2019
Average venue capacity  40,000 seats
Largest venue  40,000 seats


Experts from FIFA and Qatar assess progress at four proposed World Cup stadiums. It is the capital of Qatar with a population of 1 million people.

Education City Stadium

Education City Stadium

It is also known as Qatar Foundation Stadium, on the outskirts of Doha. It’s already the second stadium in Doha to have a big lift and it has been selected for the quarter-final match of the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

Name Education City Stadium
Opening 2021
Average venue capacity 45,350 seats
Largest venue 46,500 seats

Khalifa International Stadium

Khalifa International Stadium

It is an old multi-sports stadium, which was built in 1976. It has hosted many tournaments in Doha. The 40, 000 capacity stadium has already hosted the Gulf Cup, Asian Games, and the AFC Asian Cup.

Name Khalifa International Stadium
Opening 2017
Average venue capacity 40,000 seats
Largest venue 40,000 seats

Ras Abu Aboud Stadium

Ras Abu Aboud StadiumThe Ras Abu Aboud Stadium is a few kilometers away from Doha and the amazing thing is that after the 2022 FIFA World Cup this Stadium will be pull down. The capacity of this ground is approx (40,000 seats).

Name Ras Abu Aboud Stadium
Opening 2021
Average venue capacity 40,000 seats
Largest venue 40,000 seats

Al Thumama Stadium

Al Thumama Stadium, Doha

It is located 12km south of Doha’s skyline and seafront. New Al Thumama Stadium will have a smooth and simple outer form, covered with white cladding. The capacity of the ground is 40,000 and it is due to be completed in 2021 in time for the FIFA World Cup Qatar.

Name Al Thumama Stadium
Opening 2021
Average venue capacity 40,000 seats
Largest venue 40,000 seats


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