Why Qatar Ban on Beer in FIFA World Cup ?

Why Qatar Ban on Beer in FIFA World Cup

Before the tournament Millions of tickets have been sold out for the tournament but why Qatar ban on Beer in FIFA World Cup is one of the most important questions for every fan. The tiny nation is the first Middle Eastern country to host the world’s biggest soccer tournament.  Qatar is preparing to be the host of the world cup since 2010. It is the first time Qatar was redrawing everything from the scratch.

A small geographical country will host the 22nd FIFA World Cup with a big desire and dreams. The entire nation is building new stadiums, hotel parks, infrastructure, and more. But at this time Qatar has a ban on beer in the stadium during the match.

Millions of tickets for the FIFA World Cup have been sold out for the match and most of the fans reached Qatar. the Last was to ban the sale of it at the event’s eight stadiums.

Qatar Ban on Beer or Alcohol in FIFA World Cup

Why Qatar Ban on Beer in FIFA World Cup?

Qatar conservative Muslim and Arab nation where alcohol and homosexuality are both generally illegal. Qatari officials have decided that the only drinks that will be on sale to fans at games will be nonalcoholic. There is zero tolerance for drinking in public and being drunk in public is a crime.

‘Well, this is awkward,’ tweets Budweiser, the sole beer provider at the event. Fans of Belgian beer look away now: Bud Zero, which is non-alcoholic, will still be available.

The outcome of the Qatar Ban on Beer in FIFA World Cup is the multiple World Cup sponsors concerned over contracts. Most of FIFA partners U-turn on selling beer could affect £63m Budweiser contract.

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