FIFA World Cup 2030 Host City, Draw, Teams & Tickets

FIFA World Cup 2030 Host City, Place Draw, Teams, Ticket price

FIFA World Cup 2030

If you are looking at where is the FIFA World Cup 2030 Host City, and which planning is already underway for 2030. Who will host the 2030 FIFA World Cup? We know you have lots of different questions about the world’s biggest event of soccer.

Spain, Portugal, and Ukraine joined the bid for the 2030 FIFA World Cup, Saudi Arabia, With Egypt, Greece, and ColombiaEcuadorPeru in this race. The World Cup will be the 48 different countries. The world’s soccer fans are excited about the new things it will feature 48 teams and comes from 6 confederations.

Beginning in 2026, the World Cup will be expanded to a 48-team tournament. All the teams comprised 16 groups of three nations. The 2022 World Cup, taking place in the host nation of Qatar and is the last world cup with 32 teams.

The 1st proposed bid was received from the Argentine and Uruguayan. The 2nd received from Spanish and Portugal. Asia and Africa are can not be held for following the selection in the 2022 FIFA World Cup and 2026 FIFA World Cup.

The 2030 competition would be the 24th edition of FIFA, and 1st was held in 1930.

The qualification format of the 2030 FIFA World Cup is multiple bids received from different confederations for the host selection. The finalized and approved process will launch at the 74th FIFA Congress in 2024.

Where is the FIFA World Cup 2030 Host City?

FIFA World Cup 2030 Host City, Draw, Teams & Tickets

The bidding process was officially launched in the second quarter of 2022 but many Football associations showing the seriousness of the host. here is the list of the nation which has confirmed to bid

  • African bids – Morocco
  • European bids –  Spain, Portugal, and Ukraine
  • South American bids –  Uruguay,  Argentina, Paraguay, and Chile
  • Asian bids

Europe has hosted 11 of the 23 tournaments and leading in the most host confederations. At this time Europe and South America are confirmed to bid.

Here is the list of a few confederations which is expressed interest in bidding.

  • African bids (CAF) –
    • Cameroon
    • Tunisia and Algeria
  • European bids – Kazakhstan
  • South American bids
    • Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru
  • Asian bids (AFC) – 
    • South Korea (in association with either North Korea, Japan or China, or all three)
    • Australia and Indonesia
    • China

When will the 2030 World Cup game schedule be announced

When will the 2030 World Cup game schedule be announced?

The EURO tournament is scheduled to be played from June to July 2028. It has not been confirmed yet when will be qualification process started for the 2030 World Cup. But that expected qualifier round starts from the 3rd Quater of 2029 to 1st Quater of 2030.

Who are the 2030 FIFA World Cup sponsors & partners?

FIFA is the world’s biggest sports event and has the largest fanbase most viewers across the world are collaborating with lots of brands like Adidas, Coca-Cola, Hyundai, Wanda Group, and Qatar Airways. It is the biggest advertising platform for all the connected brands, which is supporting the programs financially for the 2030 FIFA World cup sponsors & partners.

When will the 2030 world cup host be decided?
The bidding process has been officially launched and the host nation will be chosen at the 74th FIFA Congress in 2024 with Member Associations.

What is the Ticket Price for the 2030 FIFA World Cup and How can I buy tickets?

FIFA World Cup 2030 Ticket Price announcement is not possible before 2029. FIFA use to announce the ticket 6-7 months before the tournament with the full hospitality features.

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