Russia 2018: World Cup mascot Zabivaka the wolf unveiled in Moscow

World Cup mascot Zabivaka

Here is Zabivaka, the Official Mascot for the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia, a WOLF yes you just read right your host is a wolf wearing a t-shirt with contrast blue half sleeves and a reddish coloured shorts and main highlight is wearing cool sports glasses when he’s in action and his name is “Zabivaka”. World Cup mascot Zabivaka is a beautiful creativity of developer.

World Cup mascot Zabivaka received 53% of the one million votes in a Fifa poll, beating competition from a tiger who got 27% and cat which collected 20% of the votes. A huge gap win, I must say great choice RUSSIA.

2018 FIFA World Cup World Cup mascot Zabivaka

World Cup mascot Zabivaka


Lets talk about Zabivaka, The term “Zabivaka” means “the one who scores” in Russian, the suitable name for this wolf described as “charming, confident and social” and has “always dreamt of becoming a football star”, a wolf wants to be a football star,i mean, anyway.

He was developed by a Female student designer Ekaterina Bocharova. Yes, female, like wolf hmm wild choice we should say. And ya she is hot you should check her out too…I mean just go and appreciate her good work, anyway.

FIFA secretary general Fatma Samoura said:“To get to the stage of seeing the wolf chosen today. We first collected the preferences of Russian kids through an online poll.

Based on those ideas, university students submitted their designs and now the public has chosen their favorite character from among the final three.

Eighteen months after kicking-off this project, we are extremely happy that the 2018 mascot is the result of a team effort where the Russian people demonstrated their creative flair and their strong commitment to putting on a successful Fifa World Cup.”

Key characteristics of World Cup Mascot Zabivaka:

  • He is charming, confident and social
  • His favorite sporting pastime is playing football
  • Always fun to be around
  • first collected the preferences of Russian kids through an online poll

World Cup mascot Zabivaka

Former Brazil striker Ronaldo was in attendance at the ceremony in Moscow and he was highly impressed.
“Mascots are great ambassadors for promoting the event and bring so much joy to the stadiums,” he said. “I can see it happening already in Russia with Zabivaka just by seeing him on stage tonight.

According to FIFA Blog, The Official Mascot will play a very important role in the upcoming 2018 FIFA World Cup and for the host nation too i.e. Russia.

The wolf will not only promote the event, it entertains crowds by spreading out fun, energy at the stadiums. On one side where the two teams battling for their win, on the other hand into the stands where fans biting their nail in the tensed situation, the wolf(Zabivaka) energize, cheer and entertains the crowd.

Zabivaka also becomes an ambassador for Russia and a worldwide ‘celebrity’.

Want to know more about Zabivaka, go to You can also follow him where the most of the world is yes, its “Facebook”. So visit and know you are more about your Mascot.

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