World’s Most Expensive Footballers Deals in the World

World's Most Expensive Footballers Deals in the World

More often than not, a transfer is all about a player coming in or going out but the hot list of the World’s Most Expensive Footballers Deals in the World touches the billion’s heart. Football is a game of a lot of money between the clubs and players. Today football deals go in millions of euros or dollars. Here are sharing about the Most valuable soccer player deals in the world.

The most expensive footballer in history is Neymar following his transfer from Barcelona to Paris Saint-Germain in 2017 in a move worth €222m (£200m). It was the 1st world record for football transfers.

The most expensive football transfers of all time depend on the number of massive moves, so you can see the current list of the world’s most expensive footballers below.

World’s Most Expensive Footballers Deals in the World

Most Expensive Player in History in Football or highest transfer fees paid ever for players list

Position Player Name Club Name Transfer Year Total Amount(Fee)
1 Neymar Júnior (Brazil) Barcelona – PSG 2017 €222m
2 Kylian Mbappe (France) Monaco – PSG 2017 €145m (+€35m) = €180m
3 Philippe Coutinho (Brazil) Liverpool – Barcelona 2018 €120m (+€15m) = €145m
4 Joao Felix (Portugal) Benfica – Atletico Madrid 2019 €126m
5 (=4) Antoine Griezmann (France) Atletico Madrid – Barcelona 2019 €120m
6 Jack Grealish (England) Aston Villa – Manchester City 2021 €117m
7 Romelu Lukaku (Belgium) Inter – Chelsea 2021 €115m
8 Ousmane Dembele (France) Borussia Dortmund – Barcelona 2017 €105m (+€45m)
9(=8) Paul Pogba (France) Juventus – Manchester United 2016 €105m
10 Gareth Bale (Wales) Tottenham – Real Madrid 2013 €100.8m
11 Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal) Real Madrid – Juventus 2018 €100m
12(=11) Eden Hazard (Belgium) Chelsea – Real Madrid 2019 €100m (+€40m)

Most Expensive Goalkeeper

Kepa Arrizabalaga the biggest transfer for a goalkeeper in the football world fess. There,  he won the UEFA Europa League, the UEFA Champions League and the UEFA Super Cup.
Name  – Kepa Arrizabalaga
Year – 2018
Club – Chelsea – Athletic Bilbao
Fee – €80 million (£72 million)

Most Expensive forward | World’s Most Expensive Footballers Deals

Neymar Award Information

Name  – Neymar
Year – 2017
Club – Barcelona – PSG
Fee – €222m

Most expensive defender

Name  – Harry Maguire
Year – 2019
Club – Leicester to Man Utd
Fee – €87m

Most Expensive Midfielder

Philippe Coutinho

Name  – Philippe Coutinho
Year – 2018
Club – Liverpool to Barcelona
Fee – €145m

Most Expensive Premier League Transfer

Name  – Jack Grealish
Year – 2021
Club – Aston Villa to Man City
Fee – €118m

Highest Combined Transfer | World’s Most Expensive Footballers Deals

Romelu Lukaku overtook Neymar in 2021 as the player with the highest combined transfer fees of all time.

First Club Transfers – Inter to Chelsea, 2021
Fees – €115m

First Club Transfers – Everton to Man Utd, 2017
Fees – €85m

First Club Transfers – Man Utd to Inter, 2019
Fees – €80m

First Club Transfers – Chelsea to Inter Milan, 2021
Fees – €8 million (£6.9 million)

Total an incredible Amount – €328m.

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