Al Rayyan Stadium: Qatar World Cup Stadium

Al Rayyan Stadium Al Rayyan Stadium: Qatar World Cup Stadium
Al Rayyan Stadium: Qatar World Cup Stadium

The AI Rayaan Stadium is also known as Ahmed bin Ali Stadium, it is a multi-purpose stadium which is located at Al Rayyan Qatar. This stadium is home to Al-Rayyan Sports Club and Al-Kharitiyath Sports Club. The stadium is build in 2003 and is made of good architecture the seating capacity of this stadium is almost 40,740, and seats were shaded.

The Al Rayyan Stadium was Knockdown in the year 2015 to make a new Stadium for the Qatar FIFA World Cup 2022 and 90 percent of debris from the stadium is used to make other artwork and Stadium. The New Stadium work is for the 2022 FIFA World Cup and the name of the Stadium will be Ahmed Bin Ali. As the renovation include the screen projector, current tournament information, Sports update, commercial, a media facade, and many other facilities.

Al Rayyan Stadium
Al Rayyan Stadium
Name Al Rayyan Stadium(Ahmed bin Ali Stadium)
Opening 18 December 2020
Average venue capacity 40,000 seats
Largest venue 40,740 seats

The construction of the Stadium was started in early 2016 for the purpose of the 2022 FIFA World Cup and after the World Cup, the Stadium will reduce the seats to 21,000. The inauguration for this stadium will take place on 18 December 2020 because that’s Qatar’s National Day. Also, the stadium was used in the 2020 FIFA Club World Cup.  Check

The Stadium is made with the keeping an eye on the environment. The stadium was designed in such a way by the Supreme Committee that it will be an environmentally friendly building material. And the design of the stadium has been built in keeping in mind that after the FIFA World Cup end they will use them for the other purpose.

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