Education City Stadium Matches: 2022 FIFA World Cup

Education City Stadium Matches : 2022 FIFA World Cup

Education City Stadium is also known as Qatar Foundation Stadium, on the outskirts of Doha. It’s already the second stadium in the capital of Qatar, Doha to have a big lift. It is part of the group matches with the quarter-final match of the 2022 FIFA World Cup tournament. It was built as a venue in time for Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup.

Education City Stadium is designed to reflect a diamond in the desert. The Stadium will host 5 group stage matches, one match from round of 16 matches, and one quarter-final. The stadium seating capacity is around 40,000 seats. here are a list of the Education City Stadium Matches below –

Name Education City Stadium
Opening 2021
Average venue capacity 45,350 seats
Largest venue 46,250 seats

Education City Stadium Matches in 2022 FIFA World Cup

Education City Stadium

Date Time Team Result Team Round Attendance
Tue, 22nd Nov 16:00 Denmark Tunisia Group D
Mon, 28th Nov 16:00 Uruguay South Korea Group H
Sat, 26 Nov 16:00 Poland Saudi Arabia Group C
Mon, 28th Nov 16:00 South Korea Ghana Group H
Wed, 30th Nov 18:00 Tunisia France Group D
Wed, 30th Nov 18:00 South Korea Portugal Group H
Tue, 06th Dec 18:00 Winners Group F Runners-up Group E Round of 16
Fri, 09th Dec 18:00 Winners Match 53 Winners Match 54 Round of 16

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