Al Thumama Stadium Matches: 2022 FIFA World Cup

Al Thumama Stadium Matches: 2022 FIFA World Cup

Al Thumama Stadium is located 12km south of Doha’s skyline and seafront. New Al Thumama Stadium will have a smooth and simple outer form, covered with white cladding. The capacity of the ground is 40,000. The Al Thumama Stadium is one of the 8th stadiums of Qatar World Cup stadiums and opened on 22 October 2021.

Al Thumama Stadium is the 6th venue to be officially presented during preparation for the 2022 World Cup. The stadium designed by Ibrahim M. Jaidah (Arab Engineering Bureau), Fenwick Iribarren Architects, Heerim. It was owned by the Qatar Football Association and located in Doha.

Name Al Thumama Stadium
Opening 2021
Average venue capacity 40,000 seats
Largest venue 40,000 seats

Al Thumama Stadium Matches: 2022 FIFA World Cup

Al Thumama Stadium (Doha)

The matches will be started from 21 Nov to 1o Dec and last match of the tournament of the stadium will be played on 10 Dec of Quarterfinals.  There are all the details about all the Al Thumama Stadium Matches which will played on this stadium.

Date Time Team Result Team Round Attendance
21 Nov 19:00 Senegal Netherlands Group C
23 Nov 19:00 Spain Costa Rica Group E
25 Nov 16:00 Qatar Senegal Group A
27 Nov 16:00 Belgium Morocco Group F
29 Nov 22:00 Iran USA Group B
1 Dec 18:00 Canada Morocco Group F
4 Dec 18:00 1D 2C Round of 16
10 Dec 18:00 W55 W57 Quarterfinals

The concept of the Al Thumama Stadium, design has an almost beautiful climate base and the stadium is expected to provide superb cooling technologies, able to bring temperature inside down to just 18 degrees during the FIFA World Cup matches. The stadium looks very beautiful from the outside and inside

The Al Thumama Stadium is designed primarily by local architects for the Qatar World Cup, which is located in the center of the Doha with the capacity of 40,000.

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