FA Cup 5th round Fixtures Live Score

FA Cup 5th round Fixtures Live Score

The last FA 5th round games being so you all you need to know about the 5th round match details.  In this final round total, 8 matches will be playing and 4 matches have been done. Three matches will be conducting Today and last single match held on Stamford stadium on 19 February. This will be the 14th FA Cup tie between Chelsea and Manchester United.

Bristol City v Wolves today first match but Wolves have picked a very strong side. This will be the first ever FA Cup meeting between Doncaster and Crystal Palace. Today third and final match playing between the Swansea vs Brentford.

Swansea has won their last five meetings with Brentford in all competitions. FA Cup tournament 4th round has completed and this time you need to know about the 5th round ties. Chelsea has won seven FA Cups.

FA Cup 5th round Fixtures Live Score, fixture, Predictions, draws & results

The prize fund for the competition was doubled at the beginning of the season and BBC and BT Sport share the broadcasting rights.

  • Friday, February 15  – QPR vs Watford (0-1)
  • Saturday, February 16  – Brighton vs Derby (2-1)
  • Saturday, February 16 – AFC Wimbledon vs Millwall (0-1)
  • Saturday, February 16   – Newport vs Man City (1-4)
  • Sunday, February 17  – Doncaster vs Crystal Palace (0-2)
  • Sunday, February 17   – Bristol City vs Wolves (0-1)
  • Sunday, February 17   – Swansea City Brentford (4-1)
  • Monday, February 19   – Chelsea vs Man Utd (7.30pm)


Bristol City vs Wolves Predictions- Wolves, Chelsea vs Man Utd Predictions- Chelsea and Doncaster vs Crystal Palace Predictions- Crystal Palace.

2018 FA Cup Final vs 2019 FA Cup 5th round

The last meet of the both team was played in 2018 final match where Chelsea won the match by 1-0. The match was played at Wembley Stadium, London on 19 May 2018.

Chelsea vs Man Utd Predictions – Man Utd

Manchester United’s Ander Herrera and Paul Pogba headed first-half goals to claim a 2-0 win FA Cup 5th round last match. Chelsea was current holder but team no one goal during the match and out of the tournament.

Final Result: Chelsea (0-2) Man Utd 

Winner of 5th round FA Cup 2019

  • Watford
  • Brighton
  • Millwall
  • Man City
  • Crystal Palace
  • Wolves
  • Swansea City

Price Money

  • Fifth Round Proper winners (8) £360,000
  • Quarter-Final winners (4) £720,000
  • Semi-Final winners (2) £1,800,000
  • Semi-Final losers (2) £900,000
  • Final runners-up (1) £1,800,000
  • Final winners (1) £3,600,000.

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