FIFA 19 Video Game : ‪EA Servers Down for PlayStation 4‬, ‪Xbox One‬‬, PS4

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EA Sports servers appear to be down for FIFA 19 and not working. In this EA Sports server for many players affecting multiple games FIFA 19 and Madden 19. The issue facing on PlayStation 4‬, ‪Xbox One‬‬ and PS4 console.

This issue facing to around 2pm BST when many user losing the players in the connection of Football games server. It’s currently unknown why the football simulator facing that problem to the server.

All user complain about the game in Social media platform like twitter and facebook page of EA Sports. EA Sport write on Twitter “We’re aware of connectivity issues affecting players at the moment and are working to resolve them. Thank you.”

FIFA 19 Video Game released back in September and comes multiple mode. The issues are hitting console players on PlayStation 4‬, ‪Xbox One‬‬, PS4, according to those affected.

An exact time for when servers will be working again hasn’t been given and it is hard to estimate when the game will be working again.

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