FIFA Men’s Team Rankings: Belgium, France, Brazil & Croatia

FIFA Men's Team Rankings Belgium & France Top in Rank

FIFA World Champions France National Football Team take over the top spot in Football Men’s Team with the Belgium football team. The recent Men’s Ranking list has released by FIFA. In this list, Belgium and Frace top in the list with 1729 points. Brazil and Croatia team third and fourth position are in the latest standings.

In this list, France lead after the world cup tournament but this time former World Champions Germany (12 positions) have fallen out of the top-10 rankings. Brazil remained in the 3rd spot and Croatia in 4th position on this list. Surprise Runners-up Croatia leaped from 20th to the fourth position after World cup 2018.

FIFA Men’s Team Rankings: Belgium & France Top in Rank

Belgium football team top spot in FIFA Ranking

Brazil is the top successful team in the world cup history. Uruguay and England followed in 5th and 6th place respectively.

Rank Team Total Points
1 Belgium 1729(1729.25)
2 France 1729(1729.12)
3 Brazil 1663(1662.68)
4 Croatia 1634(1634.03)
5 Uruguay 1632(1631.55)
6 England 1612(1611.58)
7 Portugal 1606(1606.2)
8 Switzerland 1598(1597.65)
9 Spain 1597(1596.56)
10 Denmark 1581(1581.14)

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