FIFA Men’s Ranking 2019: Top three remained unchanged

Men's fifa ranking 2019

While there were 150 games played across the globe in the international period where top 3 FIFA ranking teams Belgium, France, and Brazil remained unchanged but England moved up one place to fourth and Croatia has to decrease one position.

Belgium leads the top position of the Men’s FIFA rankings from 6 months where 2018 FIFA World Cup champions France in the second position. France is the number 2 position with the 3 points. The top-5 of the final FIFA latest rankings of the calendar was led by Belgium, France, Brazil, England, and Croatia.

The current champion France 3 point ahead to Brazil Football Team. Israel (20 points with 8 Rank) Biggest move by points & ranks and Austria (30 points with 11 Rank) Biggest drop by points & ranks.

Belgium Lead FIFA Men's Ranking, France Finished Closed 2nd

Uruguay (6th, up 1) are the only other movers within the top ten, whereas a dramatic win for Germany (13th, up 3) saw them overtake defeated opponents the Netherlands (16th, down 2), as well as Sweden (14th, unchanged) and Chile (15th, down 2).

Russian national football team four places up and Senegal’s national team tops Africa in newly published.

List of the Top 10 Men’s FIFA World Ranking

1. Belgium (1737 pts)
2. France (1734 pts)
3. Brazil (1676 pts)
4. England (1647 pts)
5. Croatia (1621 pts)
6. Portugal (1613 pts)
7. Uruguay (1607 pts)
8. Switzerland (1604 pts)
9. Spain (1601 pts)
10. Denmark (1586 pts).

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