FIFA World Cup Winner: All time World Cup Winners List

All time FIFA World Cup Winners Teams List

France won the last Football World Cup and was included in the all-time FIFA World Cup Winner list. FIFA World Cup 2018 has completed on 15 July in Moscow and the 2022 FIFA World Cup was held in Qatar. We take a look at past winners of FIFA World Cup History from 1930 to 2018. Brazil has the most time winners in this competition record 5 times (2002, 1994, 1970, 1962, and 1958).

Brazil’s most time world cup winning football team forever. Top FIFA ranking teams Germany and Italy 4 time winners World Cup each. Argentina has won 3 times and is currently the title holder of the FIFA World CupUruguay and France have won 2 times World Cup Final matches. The First FIFA World Tournament was held in 1930 and 13 teams participated. Uruguay hosted the tournament & won the first time tournament.

The FIFA World Cup 2018 was completed on 15 June in Luzhniki Stadium Moscow. France won the World Cup for the second time and ended Croatia’s dream with a 4-2 victory in the finals. Brazil comes out on top as the best team in the history of the World Cup.

The 2022 FIFA World Cup will be played from 20 November to 18 December between the 32 teams in the Arab world, Qatar. Argentina is the 2022 FIFA World Cup Winner Team and won 3rd title in the World Cup Final.

The FIFA World Cup has been hosted by 17 nations. While Uruguay, Switzerland, Sweden, Chile, England, Argentina, Spain, the United States, Japan, and South Korea (jointly), South Africa, and Russia have each hosted once, Brazil, France, Italy, Germany, and Mexico have each hosted twice.

The 2022 FIFA World Cup will be held in Qatar, and the 2026 FIFA World Cup will be co-hosted by Canada, the United States, and Mexico, making Mexico the first nation to host matches in three World Cups.

A challenging game between Scotland and England was played in Glasgow in 1872 and is regarded as the first international football game. The first British Home Championship, an international competition for nations, was held in 1884 and the first team of FIFA World Cup Winner.

All-Time FIFA World Cup Winner History List

Locations of FIFA World Cup finals History Locations of FIFA World Cup Finals History

We take a look at past winners of FIFA World Cup History from 1930 to 2022. Brazil has the most time winners in this competition record 5 times (2002, 1994, 1970, 1962, and 1958). Here is a list of the FIFA World Cup Winner & Runners List below.

Year FIFA World Cup Winner Runner-up Hosts Country
1930 Uruguay Argentina Uruguay
1934 Italy Czechoslovakia Italy
1938 Italy Hungary France
1950 Uruguay Brazil Brazil
1954 West Germany Hungary Switzerland
1958 Brazil Sweden Sweden
1962 Brazil Czechoslovakia Chile
1966 England West Germany England
1970 Brazil Italy Mexico
1974 West Germany Netherlands West Germany
1978 Argentina Netherlands Argentina
1982 Italy West Germany Spain
1986 Argentina West Germany Mexico
1990 West Germany Argentina Italy
1994 Brazil  Italy United States
1998 France Brazil France
2002 Brazil Germany Korea/Japan
2006 Italy France Germany
2010 Spain Netherlands South Africa
2014 Germany Argentina Brazil
2018 France Croatia Russia
2022 Argentina France Qatar
2026 Canada, Mexico & US

Most FIFA World Cup Winner

Country No. of Wins Year
Brazil 5 1958, 1962, 1970, 1994, 2002
Italy 4 1934, 1938, 1982, 2006
Germany 4 1953, 1974, 1990, 2014
Argentina 3 1978, 1986, 2022
Uruguay 2 1930, 1950
France 2 1998, 2018
England 1 1966
Spain 1 2010

The FIFA World Cup 26 will be the 23rd edition of the tournament but the first to feature 48 teams and three host countries: Canada, Mexico, and the USA.

The 2022 FIFA World Cup is the 22nd football World Cup organized in Qatar. A total of 32 teams participated in FIFA’s tournament. Argentina won the 2022 FIFA World Cup on 18th December 2022 after beating defending champions France 4-2 on penalties.

The 2018 FIFA World Cup final was played between Croatia and France, which was won by France, who beat Croatia 4–2 in regulation time.

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