2018 FIFA Team Rankings: Germany leads before the world cup

2018 FIFA News Rankings

FIFA world cup is an upcoming event of FIFA. It will be releasing the list before the world cup, global ranking of national teams. In this list, Germany once again topped the list with 1533  points and Brazil second in this list with 1384 points. FIFA world cup going to held in Russia.

Belgium remained in the third spot on this list. 2014 FIFA World Cup winner Germany one of the most successful national teams in international competitions after Brazil National team(5 times).

Germany leads FIFA Rankings and Brazil in No 2 Position

2018 FIFA Team Rankings and Germany leads before the world cup
Germany Football National Team

Brazil is the top successful team in the world cup history. Portugal and Argentina followed in fourth and fifth place respectively.

In FIFA ranking list some team changes their position Nigeria (47th, up 1), Norway(48th, up 1) and Hungary (49th, up 5). Top 50 at the expense of Cameroon (51st, down 6), Ghana (54th, down 4), and Burkina Faso (57th, down 13).

2018 FIFA News Rankings

With fewer than 2 weeks until the 2018 FIFA World Cup kicks off the start. Total 206 teams Part of  Football Association and Germany Football team lead Football Man ranking 2018 table. The rankings were introduced in December 1992.

The factors taken into account are as follows:

  • Match Result
  • Match status
  • Opposition strength
  • Regional strength

2018 FIFA News Rankings

Rank Team Total Points
1 Germany 1544(1543.99)
2 Brazil 1384(1384.24)
3 Belgium 1346(1345.65)
4 Portugal 1306(1306.35)
5 Argentina 1254(1253.61)
6 Switzerland 1179(1179.21)
7 France 1166(1166.42)
8 Spain 1162(1161.59)
9 Chile 1146(1145.74)
10 Poland 1128(1128.11)

*last update 2 June 2018

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