Women’s FIFA World Cup 2019 Venue

Women's FIFA World Cup 2019 Venue

The Women’s FIFA World Cup, often simply called the Football World Cup. This is the 8th Women’s world cup tournament and to take place in France from 7 June to 7 July 2019. Twelve France cities were the candidate but nine cities selected for world’s cup 2019. We are sharing of list FIFA World Cup 2019 Venue for Qualified Teams in France World Cup.

All 210 remaining FIFA member associations were eligible to enter the qualifying process. Total 24 number of teams eligible to enter qualification, with France qualifying automatically as hosts. The qualifying process was awarded the hosting rights on 19 March 2015.

Women’s FIFA World Cup 2019 Venue

Table of Contents

City Stadium Name
Lyon Parc Olympique Lyonnais
Paris Parc des Princes
Nice Allianz Riviera
Montpellier Stade de la Mosson
Rennes Roazhon Park
Le Havre Stade Océane
Valenciennes Stade du Hainaut
Reims Stade Auguste-Delaune
Grenoble Stade des Alpes


Parc Olympique Lyonnais

The home of French football club Parc Olympique Lyonnais built on 50 hectares of land in Lyon city. It was Broke on 22 October 2012. The stadium was the host of UEFA Euro 2016, 2017 Coupe de la Ligue Final and the 2018 UEFA Europa League Final. The stadium will be selected for both Semi-final matches and Final matches.

Capacity: 59,186

Parc Olympique Lyonnais and Parc des Princes Stadium for FIFA World Cup 2019
Parc Olympique Lyonnais and Parc des Princes Stadium for FIFA World Cup 2019


Parc des Princes

The most popular city in France, with an all-seater football stadium located in the south-west in Paris. It was open since 1998 for football and rugby.

Capacity: 47,929

  • France vs South Korea- 7 June
  • Argentina vs Japan – 10 June
  • South Africa vs China PR – 13 June
  • United States vs Chile – 16 June
  • Scotland vs Argentina –  19 June
  • Round of 16: Runners-up Group F vs Runners-up Group E – 24 June
  • Quarter-finals: Winners Match 40 vs Winners Match 41 –  28 June


Allianz Riviera

The stadium has used in UEFA Euro 2016 tournament. It is a multi-use stadium and open was on 22 September 2013. It will host 4 matches in the Women’s world cup 2019.

Capacity: 35,624

  • England vs Scotland- 9 June
  • France vs Norway – 12 June
  • Sweden vs Thailand- 16 June
  • Japan vs England- 21 June
Allianz Riviera & Stade de la Mosson Stadium for Women's FIFA World Cup
Allianz Riviera & Stade de la Mosson Stadium for Women’s FIFA World Cup


Stade de la Mosson

Stade de la Mosson opened in 1972 and selected as one of the playing venues with 6 games of the 1998 World Cup. It is multiple sports ground so has been conducted 2007 Rugby World Cup in Stade de la Mosson ground. The capacity of ground is 35,000.

It will be selected for Women’s FIFA World cup 2019 venue and will be playing 5 matches with the round of 16 games.

Capacity: 35,000

  • Canada vs Cameroon- 10 June
  • Australia vs Brazil- 13 June
  • South Africa vs Germany- 17 June
  • Cameroon vs New Zealand- 20 June
  • Round of 16: Winners Group C vs 3rd Group A / B / F – 24 June


Roazhon Park

Roazhon Park is also known as Stade de la Route de Lorient after changing the name since 2015 and opened on 15 October 1912. The city of Rennes is the owner of the stadium.

The stadium has hosted France men’s Football Team and Women’s national football team matches and has been selected for 2019 FIFA World Cup. It will host six matches include 4 group matches and one round of 16 and 1 semi-final matches.

Location: 111 Route de Lorient, 35000, Rennes

Capacity: 29,778

  • Germany vs China PR- 8 June
  • Chile vs Sweden- 11 June
  • Japan vs Scotland- 14 June
  • Nigeria vs France- 17 June
  • Thailand vs Chile- 20 June
  • Round of 16: Winners Group E vs Runners-up Group D – 25 June
  • Quarter-finals: Winners Match 38 vs Runners-up Group D – 25 June

Roazhon Park & Stade Océane Stadium

Le Havre

Stade Océane

Stade Océane is the home ground of Le Havre AC inauguration was 12 July 2012 with the 25,181 capacity. It is a multi-sports game stadium.

Capacity: 29,778

  • Spain vs South Africa- 8 June
  • China PR vs Spain- 17 June
  • England vs Argentina- 14 June
  • New Zealand vs Netherlands- 17 June
  • Sweden vs United States- 20 June
  • Round of 16: Winners Group A vs 3rd Group C / D / E- 23 June
  • Quarter-finals: Winners Match 37 vs Winners Match 39 – 27 June


Stade du Hainaut

The multi-use stadium mostly used for the football matches.  The capacity of the stadium is 25,000. T w stadium came at a cost of €75 million and opened since 26 July 2011.

Capacity: 24,926 seats

  • Germany vs Spain- 12 June
  • Australia vs  Italy- 9 June
  • Italy vs Brazil- 18 June
  •  Netherlands vs Cameroon- 15 June
  • Round of 16: Winners Group D vs 3rd Group B / E / F- 23 June
  • Quarter-finals: Winners Match 43 vs Winners Match 44 – 27 June


Stade Auguste-Delaune

The Multi-use Stade Auguste-Delaune stadium is old stadium with the same name opened in 1935. The stadium was selected for upcoming Women’s FIFA World Cup 2019.

Capacity: 21, 648seats

  • Norway vs Nigeria- 8 June
  • United States vs Thailand-  11 June
  • Jamaica vs Italy- 14 June
  • South Korea vs  Norway- 17 June
  • Netherlands vs Canada- 20 June
  • Round of 16: Runners-up Group B vs 3rd Winners Group F- 23 June
Stade du Hainaut & Stade Auguste-Delaune & Stade des Alpes Stadium
Stade du Hainaut & Stade Auguste-Delaune & Stade des Alpes Stadium


Stade des Alpes

The characteristic design based stadium is a rugby and football stadium in Grenoble. The owner of the ground is Grenoble Alpes Metropole(METRO) and ground mostly using for local matches and League matches(top divisions of French football).

Field size– 10,000 m2

Capacity: 20,068 seats

  • Nigeria vs South Korea- 12 June
  • Brazil vs Jamaica-  9 June
  • Jamaica vs Australia- 18 June
  • Canada vs  New Zealand- 15 June
  • Round of 16: Winners Group B vs 3rd Group A / C / D- 22 June

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