2018 FIFA World cup Tv schedule

2018 FIFA World cup Tv schedule

The BBC and ITV will share Live TV coverage of the upcoming FIFA World Cup in Russia. the opening ceremony of football match will be playing between Russia and Saudi Arabia. First two match of England team against Tunisia and Panama will be coverage by BBC. Fox Sports will kick its 2018 FIFA World Cup Tv schedule coverage into high gear this summer, airing all 64 matches live from Russia.

World Cup TV Schedule (UK times)

The final match live streaming, on July 15th, will be televised by both the BBC and ITV channels. In this tournament total 32 teams playing World cup. In this tournament showcasing the skills of the world’s best players, Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Neymar.

2018 FIFA World cup Tv schedule of United Kingdom

2018 FIFA World cup Tv schedule of United Kingdom
2018 FIFA World cup Tv schedule of United Kingdom
14 June
Russia vs. Saudi Arabia ITV, 4 PM
15 June
Egypt vs. Uruguay BBC, 1 PM
Morocco vs. Iran ITV, 4 PM
Portugal vs. Spain BBC, 7 PM
16 June
France vs. Australia BBC, 11 PM
Argentina vs. Iceland ITV, 2 PM
Peru vs. Denmark BBC, 5 PM
Croatia vs. Nigeria ITV, 8 PM
17 June
Costa Rica vs. Serbia ITV, 1 PM
Germany vs. Mexico BBC, 4 PM
Brazil vs. Switzerland ITV, 7 PM

Television Coverage By Country

FIFA World cup scheduled to take place in Russia from 14 June to 15 July 2018. List of 2018 FIFA World Cup broadcasting rights. Check start times for soccer matches in the 2018 FIFA World Cup™ Tournament. Review the scheduleso you don’t miss your favorite team take on their rivals in

The United States- FOX, Telemundo

18 June
Sweden vs. South Korea BBC, 1 PM
Belgium vs. Panama BBC, 4 PM
Tunisia vs. England BBC, 7 PM
19 June
Colombia vs. Japan BBC, 1 PM
Poland vs. Senegal ITV, 4 PM
Russia vs. Egypt BBC, 7 PM
20 June
Portugal vs. Morocco BBC, 1 PM
Uruguay vs. Saudi Arabia BBC, 4 PM
Iran vs. Spain ITV, 7 PM
21 June
Denmark vs. Australia ITV, 1 PM
France vs. Peru ITV, 4 PM
Argentina vs. Croatia BBC, 7 PM
22 June
Brazil vs. Costa Rica ITV, 1 PM
Nigeria vs. Iceland BBC, 4 PM
Serbia vs. Switzerland BBC, 7 PM
23 June
Belgium vs. Tunisia BBC, 1 PM
South Korea vs. Mexico ITV, 4 PM
Germany vs. Sweden ITV, 7 PM
24 June
England vs. Panama BBC, 1 PM
Japan vs. Senegal BBC, 4 PM
Poland vs. Colombia BBC, 7 PM
25 June
Uruguay vs. Russia ITV, 1 PM
Saudi Arabia vs. Egypt ITV, 4 PM
Spain vs. Morocco BBC, 7 PM
Iran vs. Portugal BBC, 7 PM
26 June
Denmark vs. France ITV, 3 PM
Australia vs. Peru ITV4, 3 PM
Iceland vs. Croatia BBC, 7 PM
Argentina vs. Nigeria BBC, 7 PM
27 June
South Korea vs. Germany BBC, 3 PM
Mexico vs. Sweden BBC, 3 PM
Serbia vs. Brazil ITV, 7 PM
Switzerland vs. Costa Rica ITV4, 7 PM
28 June
Senegal vs. Colombia BBC, 3 PM
Japan vs. Poland BBC, 3 PM
England vs. Belgium ITV, 7 PM
Panama vs. Tunisia ITV4, 7 PM

2018 World Cup Round of 16 or Knockout Stage Matches

round of 16 FIFA World Cup
round of 16 FIFA World Cup

The two channels BBC & ITV are once again sharing the rights to 2018 World cup Live TV coverage round of 16 matches. The competition will be live for UK audiences. They include all 64 matches shown live TV .

Sat June 30
France vs Argentina BBC1, 3 PM
Sat June 30
Uruguay vs Portugal ITV1, 7 PM
Sun July 1
Spain vs Russia BBC1, 3 PM
Sun July 1
France vs Argentina ITV1, 7 PM
Mon July 2
Brazil vs Mexico BBC1, 3 PM
Mon July 2
Belgium vs Japan ITV1, 7 PM
Tues July 3
Sweden vs Switzerland BBC1, 3 PM
Tues July 3
Colombia vs England ITV1, 7 PM

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