UEFA National League draws out, offers alternative Euro 2020 path

UEFA National League draws

The latest addition to the football calendar is UEFA Nations League. The draws for the league which is going to begin in September 2018 are out now. UEFA National League draws out. Germany, France, and the Netherlands were drawn together in the same three-team group for the inaugural UEFA Nations League, on Wednesday. UEFA Nations League 2018/19 League Phase draw here.

The UEFA National League draws

UEFA National League draws
UEFA National League draws Teams and Group

UEFA, concerned that international football is losing popularity to the club game. Having eyes on that matter UEFA added this league to football calendar and argues that the league will provide the top nations with more competitive matches against each other.

According to the draws, all 55 of Europe’s national teams divided into four divisions, Leagues A to D. These divisions are themselves split into four groups. It will be playing between September and November.

In League A, the winners of each group qualify for the semi-finals. Sami final will be playing in June 2019. It followed by the final. The four last-placed teams are relegated to League B.

In leagues B, C, and D, the four group winners are promoting and the last team in each group goes down. Nations League offers competitive football and a potential back-door route into Euro 2020 for countries who fail to qualify.

So, it guarantees that one fourth-tier side such as Georgia, Azerbaijan, Faroe Islands or Malta will reach Euro 2020.

What is UEFA Nations League?

UEFA Nations League 2018-19 League Phase draw
UEFA Nations League 2018-19 League Phase draw

The UEFA Nations League is an international association football competition. It conducted by the senior men’s national teams of UEFA. It is under of the sport’s European governing body.

  • Total Number of Teams- 55
  • Date of Foundation- 2018
  • Instances- 2018–19 UEFA Nations League
  • Region- Europe
  • Live Streamed–  sky sports

The competition, which will be organinzing from September to November 2018 (group stage) and June.

Find the football calendar is UEFA Nations League

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