What is the biggest challenge for Ronaldo ?

What is the biggest challenge for Ronaldo

Ronaldo is one of the great players in Italian history. He is one of the best players in the figure with 50 goals in the calendar year since 2002. Cristiano always scored more than 50 goals, shared with Leon Messi. Despite the two superstars playing league football in different countries,

In 2018, Ronaldo Transfer Deal is one of the top biggest media coverage. He was signed with Juventus Football Club in the worth of €100 million and the heights paid player by an Italian club. He is scored has always more then 50 goals in calendar.

Ronaldo 2018 Score

The biggest challenges for Ronaldo is goal score of 2018 year calendar because he has not completed 50 goals in 2018 where Messi has already achieved this year.

The Juventus superstar cross all figure of 50 goals since 2010. So fer, Ronaldo scored 28 with Real Madrid, 6 with Portugal (four of them in the World Cup) and 15 for Juventus, making a total of 49 end of the year.

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