Asia Cup Football Fixtures 2019: Groups, Fixtures, results

AFC Asian Cup 2019 all teams, Pot and Fixtures


The 17th edition of the Asian international tournament will start in United Arab Emirates (UAE) with the 24 Asian Football Teams. It is a Men’s Football tournament held every four years. It is a group of dominated by a small number of top teams. The winner of the Asia Cup Football qualifies for the FIFA Confederations Cup.

Japan is the most successful team in the AFC Asian Cup. The 2019 AFC Asian Cup held in UAE from 5 January to 1 February 2019. Total 8 Venues selected in 4 host cities in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Al Ain & Sharjah.

Asia Cup Football Fixtures 2019 Groups

Asia Cup Football Fixtures 2019

Pot Teams
 Pot 1United Arab Emirates, Iran, Australia, Japan, South Korea, Saudi Arabia
Pot 2China PR, Syri, Uzbekistan, Iraq, Qatar, Thailand
Pot 3Kyrgyzstan, Lebanon, Palestine, Oman, India, Vietnam
Pot 4North Korea, Philippines, Bahrain, Jordan, Yemen, Turkmenistan

There are 24 teams playing with each other teams according to the group. The 24 teams in the upcoming edition have been drawn into six groups of four teams each. Reigning champions Australia are in a group B with Syria, Palestine, and Jordan.

Group A 
United Arab Emirates (H)


Group B 


Group C 
South Korea
China PR


Group D 


Group E 
Saudi Arabia
LebanonNorth Korea


Group F 
January 5 – 10
Day & TimeTeams/Groupvenues
January 5UAE vs Bahrain | AAbu Dhabi
January 6Australia vs Jordan | BAbu Dhabi
January 6India vs Thailand | AAbu Dhabi
January 6Syria vs Palestine | BSharjah
January 7China vs Kyrgyzstan | CAl Ain
January 7South Korea vs Philippines | CDubai
January 8Iraq vs Vietnam | DAbu Dhabi
January 8Saudi Arabia vs North Korea | EDubai
January 9Japan vs Turkmenistan | FAbu Dhabi
January 9Uzbekistan vs Oman | FSharjah
January 9Qatar vs Lebanon | EAbu Dhabi
January 10 – 13
Day & TimeTeamsvenues
January 10Bahrain vs Thailand | ADubai
January 10Jordan vs Syria | BAl Ain
January 10India vs UAE | AAbu Dhabi
January 11Palestine vs Australia | BDubai
January 11Philippines vs China | CAbu Dhabi
January 11Kyrgyzstan vs South Korea | CAbu Dhabi
January 12Vietnam vs Iran | DAbu Dhabi
January 12Yemen vs Iraq | DSharjah
January 12Lebanon vs Saudi Arabia | EDubai
January 13North Korea vs Qatar | EAl Ain
January 13Oman vs Japan | FAbu Dhabi
January 13Turkmenistan vs Uzbekistan | FDhabi
January 14 –
Day & TimeTeams/Groupvenues
January 14UAE vs ThailandAl Ain
January 14India vs BahrainAbu Dhabi
January 15Palestine vs JordanAl Ain
January 15Australia vs SyriaAbu Dhabi
January 16South Korea vs ChinaAbu Dhabi
January 16Kyrgyzstan vs PhilippinesDubai
January 16Vietnam vs YemenAbu Dhabi
January 16Iran vs IraqDubai
January 10 – 13
Day & TimeTeamsvenues
January 17Oman vs TukmenistanAbu Dhabi
January 17Japan vs UzbekistanAl Ain
January 17Lebanon vs North KoreaAbu Dhabi
January 17Saudi Arabia vs QatarSharjah

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