FIFA Women’s World Cup Winner: All-time World Cup Winners List

FIFA Women's World Cup Winner- All-time World Cup Winners List

FIFA Women’s World Cup is a Senior Women’s international football competition & it is contested by National team members of FIFA. We take a look at past winners of FIFA Women’s World Cup History from 1991 to 2023. The tournament has taken place every four years. The United States Women’s National Team is the most successful team in this competition record 4 times (1991, 1999, 2015, and 2019).

The United States Women’s National Team most dominant team in World Cup-winning soccer team forever. The team is in the most time top position in FIFA Women’s ranking. Football Tournaments have been won by 4 national teams where USA 4 times, Germany 2 times, Norway and Japan 1 time winner.

The first FIFA World Cup of Women’s was one of the most famous moments of the tournament, held in 1991 which 12 teams participate. China hosts the FIFA Women’s World Cup tournament & United States won the first FIFA Women’s World Cup tournament.

FIFA Women’s World Cup 2019 is the eighth edition of the FIFA Women’s World Cup. It took place between 7 June and 7 July 2019, with 52 matches staged in nine cities in France. The 8th edition of the World Cup where 24 teams participate in tournaments and the United States repeats as World Cup champions, beating the Netherlands 2-0.

All-Time Women’s World Cup History Winners List

women's world cup History

The FIFA World Cup has been won by just eight teams from its inception in 1930 to 2023. We take a look at past winners of FIFA World Cup History from 1991 to 2023. The 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup is scheduled to be the 9th edition hosted by Australia, and New Zealand.

The World Cup Trophy was an original design by William Sawaya, Sawaya & Moroni in Milan Italy in 1998 with a 47 cm height and weight is 4.6kg. The matches are played in two stages- the group stage followed by the knockout stage.

Year Winner Runner-up Hosts Country
1991 United States Norway Uruguay
1995 Norway Germany Italy
1999 United States China PR France
2003 Germany Sweden Brazil
2007 Germany Brazil Switzerland
2011 Japan United States Sweden
2015 United States Czechoslovakia Chile
2019 United States Netherlands France

FIFA Women’s World Cup Finals Score & Best Players

FIFA Women's World Cup Best Footballers

In Football history, the US is the most successful team and the Current champion with 4 titles. Brazilian Footballer Star Marta Da Silva is the all-time leading scorer of the World Cup with 15 goals in 4 World Cups (2003, 20017, 2011 & 2015).

Formiga (Brazil Football Team) and Homare Sawa (Japan Football Team) are the most appearance football players, Both of the National players have been represented 6 times (1995, 1999, 2003, 2007, 2011, 2015) in the biggest Soccer and FIFA tournament.

Results Table of Winners and Runners-up

Year Winner Score Runners-up Third Place No of teams
1991 United States 2–1 Norway Sweden 12
1995 Norway 2–0 Germany United States 12
1999 United States 0–0 (5–4 p) China PR Brazil 16
2003 Germany 2–1 Sweden United States 16
2007 Germany 2–0 Brazil United States 16
2011 Japan 2–2 (3–1 p) United States Sweden 16
2015 United States 5–2 Japan England 24
2019 United States 2-0 Netherlands Sweden 24
2023 Australia, New Zealand 32

FIFA Women’s World Cup winners list?

United States: 4 times (1991, 1999, 2015, 2019)
Germany: 2 times (2003, 2007)
Japan: 1 time (2011)
Norway: 1 time (1995)

Who has the most FIFA Women’s  World Cup wins?

The United States is the most successful team in the Women’s World Cup, having won four titles. Germany has two titles each. Current champion Argentina has three titles.

Which countries have won the FIFA Women’s World Cup?

United States, Germany, Japan, and Norway have won the FIFA Women’s World Cup till now.

Who is the current female World Cup?

The most recent Women’s World Cup, was hosted by France in 2019. It is the 8th edition of the tournament and was won by the United States.

Where is the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup?

The 9th edition of the FIFA Women’s World Cup will be hosted in Australia & New Zealand. The tournament will be the first to feature the expanded format of 32 teams from the previous 24,

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