Official Slogan of Women’s World Cup 2019 France

Official Slogan of Women's World Cup 2019 France

Football Association organization  FIFA has announced the winning slogans for the 24 teams participating in the Women’s World Cup 2019 in France. Official Slogan is an online process choice by online voters. The Women’s teams will be busy preparing for the task for the upcoming tournament.

The upcoming World Cup is the eighth edition of the FIFA Women’s World Cup and top women football completion. “Dare to Shine” is the Official Slogan of Women’s World Cup 2019. The meaning of the Slogan is reflecting the development of football & the evolution of the women’s competition.

Official emblem & Slogan of Women's World Cup 2019 France

On the lighter side of things, the official emblem features the tournament trophy wrapped in blue and white. These trophies covered to eight shards of light around football at the top of the trophy symbolizing.

The tournament will begin on June 7 at Paris and the final match played on 7 July 2019. All teams divided into 6 groups and all groups have 4 teams. Twelve cities were candidates and 9 stadiums were chosen for the tournament.

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