1950 FIFA World Cup, Brazil

1950 FIFA World Cup, Brazil

The 1950 FIFA World Cup was the Forth of FIFA World Cup, the world championship for men
national association football teams. It took place in Brazil, which is the largest country in South America and fifth largest in the world. Famous for its football (soccer) tradition.

It was held in Brazil from 24 June – 16 July (23 days).  The following 16 teams originally qualified for the final tournament. However, only 13 teams participated after India, Turkey and Scotland withdrew. 16 countries applied to enter the World cup tournament and only 15 teams qualified for FIFA Cup.

Participate Team for  FIFA World 1950

fifa i 1950 FIFA World Cup, Brazil
A 1950 Brazilian stamp promoting the tournament.
  • Europe- 7 Teams
  • South/ North America, Central America, and the Caribbean- 6 Teams
  • Asia- 1 team

1950 FIFA World Cup Quick facts

FIFA CUP 1934  
 Total Match 24 June to 16 July
Match Schedule 22
 Venues 6
Automatically qualified  Brazil (host)and Italy(the defending champion)

Final Tournament Standings

FIFA CUP 1930 Teams
Runners-Up Brazil
Third Sweden
Fourth Spain

Qualification Of World Cup

1950 FIFA World Cup, Brazil
1950 FIFA World Cup, Brazil

This was the first FIFA World Cup since the end of the second world war. Throughout that conflict, the prized trophy had laid hidden in a shoebox under the bed of the Italian FIFA vice-president, Dr Ottorino Barassi. Now, with peace restored, it was renamed the Jules Rimet Cup to celebrate the event’s survival.

Participating countries
Goals scored 88
Qualified 15
Top scorer Ademir (8 Goals)

Adidas Golden Boot

  • Ademir
  • Oscar Miguez
  • Estanislao Basora

1950 FIFA World Cup Qualify Team

Brazil England Sweden
Mexico Spain Italy
Yugoslavia Chile Paraguay
Switzerland United States India
Uruguay France Bolivia

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