2022 FIFA World Cup: Why Fifa’s 48-team plan for Qatar

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Qatar is reluctant to agree to moves by Fifa to increase the size of the 2022 World Cup to 48 teams  this is a good news for soccer lover. This will be increasing more opportunity and more team play the big tournament with top teams.  Earlier this week the tiny Gulf state was proudly announcing that 90% of the tournament’s infrastructure, would be in place by 2019. In this infrastructure, they include all 8 stadiums and public parks and fest events area.

2022 FIFA World Cup plan
2022 FIFA World Cup plan


The likelihood is that this is beyond the reach of Qatar, even with its vast wealth. FIFA includes all related queries and problems related to the tournament.  There’s already been the talk of Iran being used as some kind of accommodation overspill and you would think that 48 teams, instead of the 32 they were expecting, plus all their travelling fans would be too much.

2022 FIFA World Cup Fifa’s 48-team plan for Qatar

The proposal of increasing from 32 teams to 48 teams for the world cup It will affect the worth for the world cup 2022, estimated $1 billion more than a 32-team tournament. Qatar originally proposed that it would host the World Cup in the summer. Infrastructure is the main problem for the world cup tournament.  For the tournament, the stadium will be making and Qatar built new infrastructure.

Qatar are currently planning to build eight stadiums
Qatar are currently planning to build eight stadiums

Qatar are currently planning to build eight stadiums four fewer than bidders for the 48-team 2026 edition they will require.

If the 2022 World Cup bid had been won by the United States, Japan, or Australia, then there would have been no problem finding the extra stadiums needed for a 48-team World Cup.

New build eight stadiums for FIFA world Cup 2022
New build eight stadiums for FIFA World Cup 2022

FIFA world cup 2022 provide bigger revenues but it will be created many problems for other tournaments which are relating to the football words.

History of World Cup overhauls

FIFA World Cup History Change team or group Format







World Cup Teams Format
1930 Uruguay  1 group of 4 and 3 groups of 3, with only top team progressing to semi-finals  13
1934 Italy Straight knockout tournament  16
1950 Brazil  3 groups of 4 and 1 group of 3, with top side progressing to the final group of four 15 (13 took part)
1954 Switzerland  4 groups of 4, but only 2 games in each group, with top 2 sides through to quarter-finals  16
1958 Sweden  4 groups of 4, this time with 3 games. Top 2 sides through to quarter-finals  16
1974 West Germany  4 groups of 4 but now followed with 2 groups of 4, the 2 top sides competing for the final  16
1982 Spain 6 groups of 4 followed by 4 groups of 3, the winner of each qualifying for the semi-finals  24
1986 Mexico 6 groups of 4, top 2 sides and 4 best 3rd-placed teams qualifying for the round of 16  24
1998 France 8 groups of 4, top 2 sides progressing to knockout rounds  32



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