Al Bayt Stadium : 2022 FIFA World Cup

Al Bayt Stadium : 2022 FIFA World Cup

Al-Bayt Stadium is a retractable rooftop football arena in Al Khor, Qatar, expected to be utilized in time for matches in the 2022 FIFA World Cup, planned to start off on November 20, 2022.

The arena’s development contract was granted to Webuild S.p.A. what’s more, Cimolai in 2015. In January 2020, the arena got manageability endorsements of green plan, development the board and energy proficiency.

The Al Bayt Stadium is little bit (35 Km) far away from Doha.

The First match of the 2022 FIFA World Cup will happen at Al Bayt Arena. FIFA and the Getting sorted out Board have affirmed that the main coordinate booked for November 20 with a crowd of people of 60,000.

Al Bayt Stadium : 2022 FIFA World Cup Stadium

Name Al Bayt Stadium
Opened 30 Nov. 2021
Average venue capacity 50,000 seats
Largest venue 60,000 seats

2022 FIFA World Cup Matches

The matches will be started from 20 Nov to 18 Dec and the first match of 2022 FIFA World Cup will be played on Al Bayt Stadium there is all the details about all the matches which will played on this stadium.

Date Time Team Result Team Round Attendance
20 Nov. 19:00 Qatar Ecuador Group A
23 Nov 13:00 Morocco Croatia Group F
25 Nov 22:00 England United States Group B
27 Nov 22:00 Spain Germany Group E
29 Nov 18:00 Netherlands Qatar Group A
1 Dec 22:00 Costa Rica Germany Group E
4 Dec 22:00 Winners Group B Runners-up Group A Round of 16
10 Dec 22:00 Winner Match 51 Winners Match 52 Quarter-finals
14 Dec 22:00 Winners Match 59 Winners Match 60 Semi-finals


The structural plan takes its motivation from the customary tents of the migrant people groups of Qatar and the region. It will highlight a retractable rooftop, giving covered seating to all observers.

Associated with various transportation frameworks, the on location leaving will actually want to hold 6,000 vehicles, 350 transports and the approaching and going of 150 public transports/transports, as well as 1,000 taxicabs and water taxis.

This stadium also includes rich lodging suites and rooms with gallery perspectives on the football field.


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