FIFA 18 World Cup: Ultimate Team World Cup Rewards


FIFA World cup ultimate team reward is simply way find the rewards. It i s not easy to make top squad of the world cup when playing a match, winning a tournament or being defeating in the stage group.

FIFA 18 World Cup: Ultimate Team World Cup Rewards

Ultimate Team World Cup Rewards

Online Tournament

If you are playing online match then you will got a coin. this is not matter you will win the match or loss. You can complete your match. If you Playing a match you win a reward point.

  • 1x Single Player Pack

Who win the title received a good amount of coin also 3 world cup pack worth and 3 world cup packs worthing  5000 coin each.

  • 3x FIFA World Cup Standard Packs
  • 30,000 coins

Who loss the final match only receive the coin.

  • 7,500 coins

Who loses a semi-final only receives coins.

  • 3,000 coins

If you reached Knockout Stage you can win some amount of coins.

  •  1,500 coins
  • 1x Premium World Cup Pack

Single Player Tournament

In this stage you always win a free pack featuring of a world cup players. You always win a free featuring a world cup player.

  • 1x Single Player Pack

If you win the title and received the decent amount of coins and  and also 3 World Cup packs worthing 5,000 coins each.

  • 6,000 coins
  • 3x FIFA World Cup Standard Packs

Final will will be playing soon.

Semi-Final match will be soon.

winning of Know-out stage wins a small amount.

Group stage extra rewards for who doesn’t progress.

Online Draft

Playing Match

playing a match,

You have to pay 150 FIFA Points or 15,000 coins to play it.

  • 0 to 4 win

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