Ranking of the Best 6 Players in La Liga in 2019

Ranking of the Best 6 Players in La Liga in 2019

In 2018, the Football world faces many big changes in La Liga. New World cup champion team, Ronaldo transfer, and 2018 Ballon d’Or award. The most important game is the combination of performance, execution, and reputation. World’s best football player Ronaldo move from Real Madrid to Juventus Football Club. Here we are share ranking of the Best 6 Players in La Liga in 2019 Season.

As always, there will be fans opining over the best performers. The most prestigious individual award in football award win by Real Madrid Star Luka Modric beat Ronaldo, Messi, Neymar and Mo Salah. Lionel Messi claimed his fifth award for the top scorer on the continent ahead of the likes of Mohamed Salah, Cristiano Ronaldo and Harry Kane. We are adding some popular name last year it is Karim Benzema, Karim Benzema, Antoine Griezmann, De Bruyne, Hazard, Coutinho, Griezmann, and Suarez.

Lionel Messi | Barcelona

Lionel Messi Barcelona

All-season top scorer of La Liga last 10 times and heartbeat of fans. He scores more the 50 goals every year in football tournaments. He is the only player who wins 5 Ballon d or shared with Ronaldo. Messi performs the difference between the two teams during the match. He has scored 15 goals in 15 matches in La Liga 2018-19 season and has have helped to reach the team top in table.

Luka Modric | Real Madrid

Luka Modric

Luka Modric has had the greatest 2018 year of his life in football terms. He is Captain of the Real Madrid and Croatia national team Football team. The star Player Modric defeats Ronaldo and Salah to be crowned FIFA’s The Best of 2018. He awarded the Golden Ball, a most outstanding player at 2018 and ballon d or.

Antoine Griezmann | Atletico Madrid

Antoine Griezmann Atletico Madrid

Griezmann began his senior career as a member Real Sociedad in 2009. Atletico Madrid football player Antoine Griezmann has won FIFA World Cup French national team and UEFA European goal score 6 goals in 8 matches, La Liga 2018-19 score is 7 goals in 8 matches, Champion league 4 goals in 6 matches.

Karim Benzema | Real Madrid

Real Madrid Star Karim Benzema

Immensely talented striker playing his 10th season with at Real Madrid. The 31-year-old sticker is known for the strong and powerful player. He has proved his capability in historic series of Champions League wins. He is fourth-most goals scored in European Cup and UEFA Champions League.

Luis Suarez | Barcelona

Luis Suarez

Luis is a most valuable player for the Barcelona team after Messi. He is the fastest goal scorer for the team and many goals as most other teams in La Liga. Suarez is Attacking Midfielder has the second-most goals in 2019 La Liga tournament for Barcelona with 11 goals in 16 matches.

Marcelo | Real Madrid

Marcelo Vieira Star Real Madrid

One of the greatest player of the generation in the defensive position. He plays mainly as a left back but expected to become a midfielder. He is a strong player to the ability of ball control and one of the world’s best full-backs in the past.

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