Premier League: Ranked of the Top goalkeepers in 2018/19 

Premier League Top goalkeepers in 2018 19 Premier League: Ranked of the Top goalkeepers in 2018/19 

A goalkeeper’s importance in a football team because all games depend on their performance. World’s top Premier League is currently host to the 2 one of the most expensive goalkeepers in the world. The Goalkeeper also show number 1 position in football with the No 1 jerseys.

Goalkeepers usually perform goal kicks. No one appreciated goalkeepers for major performance and winning contribution. The goalkeeper is one of the major positions for football with the last and first hope in the game when team facing out of the performance and all plans have failed. Alisson Becker and David De Gea are one of the most goalkeepers in football.

Premier League: Ranked of the Top goalkeepers in 2018/19

We are select top football goalkeeper 2018/19 to the number of different games can be played. David De Gea has won the 4 titles between the 2014-18 more times than any other player for Men Utd. Liverpool star Alisson Becker perform even clean sheets this season.

David De Gea (Manchester United, 27 years-old, £6m)

Man Utd goalkeeper david de gea

De Gea had an awesome season for Manchester United in 2017 season. He is currently one of the best choices for the goalkeeper. He made a record for saving 14 goals in the single games against Arsenal in last season. He is one of the top goalkeepers with the won the coveted Golden Glove award 2017.

He has Manchester United Players’ Player of the Year 2013 and 14. His track record show he is the best goalkeeper in the world. He won the Premier League PFA Team of the Year in 2012, 2014 and 2015. De Gea has won 3 community shields, 1 FA cup 2016, a premier league cup 2013, and an EFL Cup in 2017.

Alisson Becker (Liverpool, 26 years, £5.5m)

Liverpool Goalkeeper Alisson Becker

Brazilian professional footballer made over 100 appearances and won the Campeonato Gaúcho in each of his four seasons for Liverpool. His performance and playing style define to a traditional or modern goalkeeper.

Liverpool officially confirmed the signing of Alisson for a fee of £66.8 million (€72.5 million). The deal making him the most expensive goalkeeper of all time

Alisson Becker is the world’s most expensive goalkeeper for a month. Many people say He is Messi of goalkeepers. Alisson played 37 games last season where 107 saves with the 80.% save success rate and 17 clean sheets.

Ederson (Manchester City, 25 years, £5.6m)

Ederson Goalkeeper Manchester United

Manchester City star Player the second most expensive goalkeeper of all-time(second highest ever in pounds sterling or British record fee for a goalkeeper) with £35 million (€40 million) according to value perspective by the CIES. Ederson joined Manchester City in 2017 and win the Premier League and EFL Cup in his first season in England.

He held the Guinness World Record for the longest drop kick(75.35 meters (247 ft)). The powerful shot and unemotional behavior in match make special in the ground. He is already well on the way to topping last season’s total of 16 clean sheets.

Manuel Neuer (Bayern Germany, 32 years, 76.3 lakhs USD)

Manuel Neuer is goalkeeper and captain Bayern Munich

One of the most complete and best goalkeepers of all time. Manuel captain of German national team and the vice-captain of his current club Bayern Munich. 

He has won IFFHS world’s best goalkeeper award from 2013 to 2015. He was German player of the year 2011 and 2014. Manuel Neuer was the best keeper at 2014 world cup. Last year Neuer played in 26 Bundesliga matches, four German Cup matches, and nine Champions League matches. In 2017, FC Bayern won the title for the first time in three years in the Bundesliga.

He is currently captain of Bayern. He has been played 100th European appearance in the Champions League.

Kepa Arrizabalaga(Chelsea, 24 years, £5.5m)

Chelsea Goalkeeper Kepa Arrizabalaga

In this season 3 most expensive Spanish players ever have been signed by Chelsea. Kepa Arrizabalaga is one of the top deal for the club with £72m. He is the most expensive goalkeeper in the world of 2018. Kepa is a typical Spanish goalkeeper, in that he is brilliant and the hell of a ‘keeper.

Jordan Pickford ( Everton, 24 years, £5m)

Everton star goalkeeper Jordan Pickford

Pickford, 24 good in ball-playing technique and registered an 83% pass success rate. He is the first option for England is to play possession ball. His average distribution length is 44.21m which ranks him 13th and 136 passes with 11th highest goalkeeper ranked 17th for Premier League goalkeepers.

Everton spending £30 million on Jordan Pickford and he proved the value in world cup 2018. The young footballer is a colossal personality and athletic presence in goal.

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